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Open4Tech Summer School 2021

Syncro Soft is excited to return as an organizer for the e-learning live event of the summer – Open4Tech Summer School 2021.

Starting on the 28th of June and ending on July 16th, online IT classes taught by some of the best professionals in the industry are available to Romanian college and high school students for free. This also represents an amazing way for the young to get their first contact with the local business field.

During this year’s event, Syncro Soft will be represented by some of its finest software developers to teach the new generation of programmers classes such as:

Summer Internship Program 2021 has begun!

Syncro Soft, the top business IT software company in the Oltenia region, is excited to announce its fifth internship program - Syncro Internship Program 2021!

Our program offers a wide range of opportunities for students and recent graduates that are interested in increasing their experience by writing real software and collaborating with a select group of experienced software developers.

During the program, interns will be given a variety of tasks meant to develop their knowledge toolbox. They will also get the benefit of working with various different mentors from Syncro Soft who will help them forge a wonderful career path.

Open4Tech Summer School 2020

In the summer of 2020, Syncro Soft has been a part of the organizing team for one of the most exciting e-learning live events – Open4Tech Summer School 2020.

Between June 24 – July 10, Romanian college and high school students had the chance to experience free online IT classes taught by some of the best professionals in the industry.

During this event, Bogdan Dumitru (software developer at Syncro Soft) held a two-part course titled "Processing Web Data with XML and XSLT" that aimed to show the benefits of using XML tools when crawling the web.

The recordings of both sessions can be easily accessed and viewed here:

Processing Web Data with XML and XSLT - part 2

Rehabilitating the Cybersecurity Laboratory

In the year 2020, the formerly-known N6 laboratory of Craiova's Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics went through an extensive project of rehabilitation in order to become the first Cybersecurity lab of the faculty. Syncro Soft backed up this project by covering the costs of:

  • 15 high-end computer systems
  • ergonomic furniture (including desks and chairs)
  • changing the wiring, light and sanitary systems
  • both external and internal PVC products
  • the overall classroom design
  • the renovation of its nearby lobby

Now, we are incredibly excited to say that the lab is ready to receive all the generations of students to come in order to hone their skills in Cybersecurity.


Airly Sensors for Craiova

When it comes to the air quality that the locals of Craiova are exposed to, the situation raised huge concerns in the previous months!

With this in mind, Syncro Soft and the colleagues over at Caphyon acquired and installed several Airly sensors that can measure the exact severity of this problem. Now, the entire community can watch the status of the problem in real-time, thus helping them form a better understanding about the environment that they live in.

To check the values given by the Airly sensors for yourself, use the Airly app or go to,23.801636,i36796.

Backing up the Danube-Carpathian Program

We are extremely proud of our ongoing collaboration with WWF-CEE on their efforts of conserving the Green Heart of Europe (the region extending from the Danube basin to the Carpathian Mountains).

Going all the way back to the year 2014, Syncro Soft has been sponsoring WWF's Danube-Carpathian Program in order to maintain and protect many of Europe’s spectacular remaining wilderness areas (the home to two-thirds of the European populations of bears, lynx and wolves), along with the last remaining intact rivers and wetlands (the Danube shelters the sturgeons that teeter on the edge of extinction).

The WeWilder Campus Project

In 2020, we partnered up again with WWF for the WeWilder Campus initiative. Syncro Soft is one of the sponsors for the first rural campus built in Romania. This represents an innovative approach to better the livelihood of the local communities existing in the south-west wildlands of the country.

The campus is considered to be a real-life "laboratory" where city professionals are partnering up with locals to test new ideas regarding bio-economy and green businesses that will later be adopted in similar communities where nature and culture require preservation.

The region chosen for this incredible project is found in the Carpathian mountains, hosting 5 naturals parks filled with near 240 species of wild animals.

Preventing illegal deforestation with the help of Agent Green

The Agent Green Association is a non-governmental organization for environmental protection established in 2009 in Romania with the goal of conserving its country's biodiversity. The affinity of the organization is to investigate environmental crimes, to expose them strategically and to promote solutions for nature protection, thus ensuring the well-being of future generations.

Starting with the year 2020, Syncro Soft has joined the battle by sponsoring Agent Green's efforts in combating illegal deforestation and protecting Romania's national parks and virgin forests.